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Intuitive Empowerment Life Coach

I am convinced that we all deserve to live the abundantly purposed life that we deserve. What do I mean by” Soul-Full”? I mean that we live in response to the events that connect us every day to our human existence as we are all uniquely gifted.

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The impact that Darlene had on me is something I don’t think even she appreciates. When I met Darlene, I was 2 years into a pretty lengthy probation, because I caught a second charge for driving under the influence while on probation for a separate driving while under the influence charge. I was required by the courts to complete a substance abuse counseling class. Darlene was heading the group. In the beginning, I thought to myself what a waste of time. It wasn’t until she forced me to open up that I realized there was a key component missing to ensuring my sobriety: Coping mechanisms, and facing
your struggles head on. With Darlene’s help, I was able to not only address my issues, but also, I learned how to deal with the issues and self-problem solve. I am delighted to say that at the time of this writing, I am almost 30 days away from celebrating my SECOND YEAR OF SOBRIETY. And I couldn’t have done it
without the help of Mrs. Franklin. With her guidance, I was able to not only help myself, but help several others around me. Local chefs, who just like me, felt lost, out of place, and just confused in life. Together we have built a tight community of like-minded individuals who seek only one thing, because we know this is a key to self-happiness & long-term sobriety: SELF LOVE. SELF RESPECT. PERSEVERENCE NO MATTER WHAT ADVERISTY IS THROWN AT YOU. These are the things that Darlene taught me.
Thank you, Darlene, I owe you my life, literally.

Joe Flores


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I was very fortunate to have Darlene as my coach. She was incredibly helpful in providing me with a safe space to explore my feelings and beliefs during a time of professional transition. The open, honest and supportive environment that she created during our sessions enabled me to discover how to overcome some of my blocks. Her questions were deep, her insights were thoughtful, and her reflections were compassionate. Darlene truly listened, cared, and always made me feel safe, motivated, and encouraged.

Vero D


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