What Is Your IKI GAI?

One of my greatest joys in life is seeing people enjoy themselves and being excited about whatever it is they are doing in life. I have always wanted people to be happy, and to assist them with making that happen. As I approached my 65th solar return, the not-so-subtle reminders that I’m turning 65 started showing up in my mailbox: Medicare advertisements, flyers for funeral packages, post cards touting designer hearing aids, etc.

Having served in the military, as a mental health social worker in the private sector, and now as a certified life coach and Reiki practitioner, I sometimes ask myself: Am I living the life I love? Am I doing the work that I’m passionate about or have I fallen in love with being busy?

One day, while scrolling through Facebook, an article jumped up in my Newsfeed asking, “What is your IKI-GAI”? IKI-GAI is a Japanese word (pronounced Icky Gy) which basically means your purpose for getting up in the morning. What is your passion for life? What drives you?

In my practice, I realized that is a question that I ask of most of my clients. They look perplexed and quickly tell me what they do for a living. I ask them whether it is something they would do if they lived to be 100, and the answer is always a resounding NO.

Then I pondered the same question for myself. Random thoughts jumped in my head: Am I doing what I love or am purposed to do? What is my purpose? Am I feeding my mission, my passion? Am I walking in the power of me? Am I living with patience in the present as life presents itself each day? Am I cultivating the art of sacred care of my own soul? If not, then I am not tapping into what is deep inside of me.

Out of that thought process, I created Soul-Full Purpose, LLC.

I decided that each and every human being deserves to live their soul -full purposed life with passion and with possibilities. Living soulfully means to attend to the details of every aspect of your life. It means to be connected to your soul life force that empowers and fuels your everyday existence.

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